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Web Design vs Wix vs WordPress vs Shopify?

February 26, 2020

Does Wix, WordPress or Shopify mean the end of web design as a job? Website builders like Wix and Squarespace have been around for a long time, but web designers and web professionals are still high in demand. I personally don’t see these tools as competition, just the next evolution in website building tools we …

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A Video on Small Business Web Design

November 28, 2016

Hi! This video is for small business owners who are trying to understand how to build a website for their small business. It will also help you to understand the big picture in terms of your options of getting a presence online. A quick talk about common considerations for small business wanting to get on the Web: Blogs, …

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Starting a new Business? Better learn Web Design!

November 18, 2013

Hi, Everyone knows that these days, every small business needs a website. You may only need a simple site for branding purposes or you may need a full e-commerce site with online transactions and shopping cart abilities. … Whatever your small business website requires, you should have at least some web design skills, else you …

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Marketing your Small Business Website

October 30, 2013


The hardest thing about building a website is building the audience for your website. This process of driving traffic, is what people call SEO … short for: Search Engine Optimization.

SEO Problems

The problem is that most SEO techniques and practices end up doing much more harm than good. This is because typically SEO involves trying to game/cheat the system – basically trying to find loopholes in the search engines.

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Video Blog – Is There A Web Design Dress Code?

April 19, 2011

In this video blog, Stefan talks about the web designer’s dress code. Here’s a clue – there is none! For more information on web design, check out the Complete Web Designer Package. Note that all of our videos are in a higher quality when purchased from our Killer Video Store or by subscription to our …

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