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Marketing your Small Business Website

October 30, 2013


The hardest thing about building a website is building the audience for your website. This process of driving traffic, is what people call SEO … short for: Search Engine Optimization.

SEO Problems

The problem is that most SEO techniques and practices end up doing much more harm than good. This is because typically SEO involves trying to game/cheat the system – basically trying to find loopholes in the search engines.

When you do this, eventually you will find that these holes get filled and you then find your web marketing efforts being pushed back to square one.

Long term Web Marketing

I recognized this many years ago and slowly developed a different way of thinking about SEO, web marketing and strategic website placement. Since the late 1990’s, my strategies that are based on a principle of honesty rather than trying to game things, has proven to be long lasting and enduring.

… When so many other websites get blasted to nothing with the latest Google update, my sites and the sites of people I have helped, have kept a consistent high presence on the search engines.

Some basic tips:

  1. Don’t try to fool the search engines.
  2. Write for people and not for robots.
  3. Be honest about what it is you are selling or promoting.

There is SO much more to effective web marketing, but the above tips are a good place to start.

KillerSites Web Marketing

The KillerSites network started in 1994 and through all the search engine changes and through all the shifts in technology, we still manage to keep our traffic and ranking at a very high level – as of Oct 2013, the killerSites network of 4 top sites, gets over 250k unique visits a month and millions of pageviews! Not bad for a tech training company!

For the first time in years, I am now offering web marketing consulting services.


Stefan Mischook