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Starting a new Business? Better learn Web Design!

November 18, 2013


Everyone knows that these days, every small business needs a website. You may only need a simple site for branding purposes or you may need a full e-commerce site with online transactions and shopping cart abilities.

… Whatever your small business website requires, you should have at least some web design skills, else you will find yourself spending a lot of money where you wouldn’t have otherwise.

A little web design knowledge goes a long way!

That’s the thing, even a bit of web design skill is worth a lot! Even if you are just looking to hire someone, having an understanding of the basics, will make you a much smarter and better shopper. It’s like going to the garage, if you understand the basics of mecaniques, it’s a lot harder for the garage to rip you off!

Sadly, the same thing goes these days when it comes to hiring web designers. You need to be knowledgeable so that you are not taken for a web design ride! Sometimes web designers are just not too good at managing projects and like so many nerds, they are technology centric and not business centric – they will probably add things to your site that will cost you money but are not really needed. You have to be involved in the process of building your site to keep them crazy nerds under control!


How long does it take to learn?

Basic web design can be easily understood in a few days. I have my free written tutorial on that you can learn the basics from.

But if you plan on really getting into web design, web programming, building shopping carts, working with WordPress and much more … you may want to try my subscription service with over 1100 video courses and all the project files.

For 1 year (full access) to all the courses, you are looking at $8.25/month!

… For the cost of two coffees a month, and you have everything you need to not only build your website(s) … you will have everything you need to become a professional web developer!

Hope you find this useful.

Stefan Mischook