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Teach Code Without Experience with StudioWeb

February 27, 2020

StudioWeb is designed to allow teachers with no prior coding experience, to be able to teach a classroom with confidence. I can set up a free trial, so you can review StudioWeb. Just let me know. We have courses in 3 different programming languages: 1. Python 2. JavaScript 3. PHP Our courses range from beginner …

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Homeschooling your Kids in Coding

June 28, 2017

It is universally known that kids should learn to code for a variety of reasons:

  • Job opportunities (software development, robotics, Ai)
  • Brain training
  • Pathway to entrepreneurship

The problem many parents have, is that they themselves don’t know how to code … let alone teach it! StudioWeb solves that problem.

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Top 3 Code Teaching and Learning Tips

April 14, 2016

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To get the best outcomes with students (and yourself!), here are my top 3 code teaching tips:

1- Write real code, not ‘lego’ code.
2- Use real coding tools, not code simulators.
3- Build real projects from start to finish.

1. Write real code, not ‘lego’ code

A funny thing happens when students write real code: they start to learn not only how to code, but they learn the concepts behind the code. What I’ve seen over the years is that trying to hide the code from students with block based code teaching tools slows the learning process.

You have to write code to learn to code.

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Why ELL Students Should Learn Code.

February 20, 2016

English-language learners (and disadvantaged students) stand to benefit the most from learning to code. Here are just a few reasons: There is a huge demand in tech related vocational jobs that are high paying ($70k/year,) that don’t require a university degree. All coding languages (ex: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Python, PHP) are based in English – …

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What exactly is a Computer Programming Language?

January 23, 2014

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Many new to web design and code, have a hard time understanding what a programming language really is? So, I’ve dug out my classic definition for this blog post … enjoy!

Computer Programming in a Nutshell

A computer programming language is a written language used to send instructions to computers. Like with spoken languages (English, French etc …) computer languages have their own set of rules and words that have special meaning.

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