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HTML5 and CSS3

Teach Code Without Experience with StudioWeb

February 27, 2020

StudioWeb is designed to allow teachers with no prior coding experience, to be able to teach a classroom with confidence. I can set up a free trial, so you can review StudioWeb. Just let me know. We have courses in 3 different programming languages: 1. Python 2. JavaScript 3. PHP Our courses range from beginner …

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HTML, CSS and JavaScript – not just for websites!

September 13, 2015

Learning Web Design in 2015: HTML, CSS, HTML5 … JavaScript? Anyone who’s paid any attention to the Web, knows that things change fast: one day Flash is the technology to use for web animation and video, and then the next, Flash is dead and it’s all HTML5 and JavaScript! … What’s a young nerdling to …

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Video for Web Page Backgrounds

September 8, 2014



Being able to use video for the background of a web page, was once but a dream – no more! Now it’s more than just possible, it pretty easy in fact! Check out this new video on how to do it:

Fullscreen background video

You will need to know basic HTML and CSS to understand. No worries though, we teach that too!

Stefan Mischook

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CSS3 – Word Wrap

January 19, 2013

The word-wrap property is supported by all major browsers – and IE. There may not be a huge need for this feature in the English language, there aren’t too many overly long words, but then, it also depends on the size of the container.

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CSS3 – Text Shadow

January 19, 2013

Text Shadow is another fun little CSS3 feature that makes things so much easier – for most of us, anyway. There’s bad news for IE users: Text shadow feature is NOT supported by any version of Internet Explorer at this time.

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CSS3 – Transforms – 2D

December 28, 2012

Transform is yet another cool, new toy for our webdesign toy chest. Gone are the days of having to use a graphics editor to create certain effects. Now we can turn, spin, stretch, scale, and move things around with the CSS ‘transform’ property alone.

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CSS3 – Transitions

December 24, 2012

This is a fun little feature, just as long as you are Not trying to view it with Internet Explorer. Unfortunately, IE does not support the CSS3 transition property (yet?). I know, I was shocked, too… The other main browsers support it, but Firefox 4, Chrome, and Safari require a pre-fix:

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CSS3 – Box Shadow

December 15, 2012

CSS3 Box Shadows are another nifty property that allows us to now easily create visual effects without having to use images. And, best of all, it’s supported by all current major browsers.

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CSS3 Borders – Rounded Corners

November 24, 2012

Remember the days, when in order to get rounded corners on your borders, you had to created little corner images with pictures of your round corners? … now, with CSS3, rounded borders can be created with simple CSS.

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