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New Beginners CSS course out VERY soon!

August 26, 2015


Just a quick update, the new CSS course should be live by the end of the week. We are just putting the finishing touches on it.

– it has 98 lessons
– 8 1/2 hours of video (average video is 5 1/2 minutes)
– 301 quiz questions

These new courses are the best I’ve ever done … and I’ve been creating web development training courses since 2003!

Big courses but easy to understand:

Between the new beginners HTML and CSS courses, there is a total of 610 quiz questions, that gently reinforce the concepts and techniques the students learn in the video lessons.

Now for a little shameless self promotion – a recent review of the new Beginners HTML course:

Hi Stefan,

I just completed your StudioWeb Beginners HTML course. Thank you! I took my time, completing about one chapter a day, because I enjoyed it so much.

I appreciate your easy-to-understand explanations and enjoyed your fun answer options in the questions at the end of the chapters. I learned so much that it feels like a new world is opening up for me, and I can’t wait to explore some more. πŸ™‚

… You know you have something, when people are taking their time to savour an HTML course! πŸ™‚

Thanks again!