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Rave reviews for Studioweb

August 24, 2015


Nearly 4 years in development, working with dozens of schools and many more teachers, Studioweb is the best system out there to learn web development with. But that only makes sense! Studioweb has been developed by one of the original web development teachers in the world!

… That me! I’ve been teaching web design and development since 2003 and I’ve been coding since 1994, having worked on projects for big pharma, publicly traded financial institutions, big telco companies and countless number of small and medium sized businesses. When you’ve been coding since 1994, you get to really fill up your resume!

Literally Millions Taught over the last 12 yrs!

Through my video courses, articles (print and web magazines) and now my new book, I have literally taught millions about web design and development. All this experience has gone into my latest courses, and the Studioweb learning app. In fact, my new 2015 web development courses are best I’ve ever done.

But don’t take our word, here is just a sample of the type of reactions we are getting:

Hi Stefan,

I just completed your StudioWeb Beginners HTML course. Thank you! I took my time, completing about one chapter a day, because I enjoyed it so much.

I appreciate your easy-to-understand explanations and enjoyed your fun answer options in the questions at the end of the chapters. I learned so much that it feels like a new world is opening up for me, and I can’t wait to explore some more. 🙂


I’ve attached a screenshot of the email:


Many more coming soon – I just need to find the time to post them.

Stefan Mischook