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Coder Certification Options in 2020

June 30, 2020

Companies like Apple and Google have recognized that whether an employee has a degree, had no impact in terms of the quality of the employee. As such, people are starting to look to alternative educational options, rather than the traditional ultra expensive route of going to college.

Some of the new options include online courses, boot camps and private mentoring. But then again, these are really not new at all … they are just gaining a lot more respect.

Should you go to boot camps?

Boot camps have their place, but I generally believe that you might consider a boot camp if you are already an experienced developer, and you just want to gain some new skills. For people totally new to code, I would recommend a more sensible and flexible option.

Online courses

Online courses make more sense to me over a boot camp because you can work at your own pace, you don’t need to go to a classroom … and even the most expensive online courses cost a fraction of what a boot camp will cost you. It isn’t even close!

Boot camps will rush you through a program, charge you anywhere from $5000 to $20,000 and I’ve read too many stories about boot camps being taught by recent ‘graduates’ of the boot camp.

… From my perspective, it makes more sense to learn from a known credible professional.

The problem with online courses

Most online courses suffer the same problems as boot camps, bad teaching and teachers who are not very experienced in industry. The good thing about online courses is that you are not out $5000 to $20,000 if the course doesn’t work for you.

Online courses can cost anywhere from $10 to hundreds of dollars. Very affordable anyway you look at it!

Certificates of completion …

Most online courses offer certifications of completion that you can print out after you tell them you’ve done the course. Problem is there is no testing that you know anything. With no testing, there is little value to a certificate of completion.

Online certification … those have value!

Actual certification means you’ve been tested for skills. The best online code courses test for both actually coding ability, and theoretical knowledge. So if you are looking to be certified, be sure it is a TESTED certification process. Bottom line:

Certifications > certificates of completion.

… Now for my shameless self promotion!

StudioWeb code career training

StudioWeb is my code training platform that my team developed in 2010. Our first vocational schools jumped onboard the same year, and we’ve been refining and updating both the course curriculum and training software since then.

… We just released StudioWeb 5 and people love it!

StudioWeb’s unique advantages:

  • StudioWeb was created by a developer who has been writing commercial code since the 1990’s. Being taught by an experienced professional is crucial!
  • StudioWeb tracks progress and grades student performance, with over 1000 quiz questions and code challenges. This not only supercharges the learning process, the StudioWeb certifications are valuable because of it.
  • StudioWeb teaches much more than code, you will be prepared to write real world code, manage projects and learn on your own. Yes, you will be made job ready.
  • StudioWeb has a long track record of creating very successful coders.

Thanks for reading! If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.