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HTML, CSS and JavaScript – not just for websites!

September 13, 2015

Learning Web Design in 2015: HTML, CSS, HTML5 … JavaScript?

Anyone who’s paid any attention to the Web, knows that things change fast: one day Flash is the technology to use for web animation and video, and then the next, Flash is dead and it’s all HTML5 and JavaScript!

… What’s a young nerdling to do learn?!

The web design technologies changed quickly over the last 15-20yrs, because the Web was immature … the technology behind the Web was immature. This has changed in just the last few years. HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript are here to stay.

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HTML, CSS and JavaScript – not just for websites!

The great thing about learning web design languages (just mentioned above,) is that they are being used to do much more than just build websites:

– websites
– web apps
– iphone apps
– android
– windows 10 apps

… And more.

The future is bright for those who learn the languages of web design.

My new book was written with the total beginner in mind: easy to read, to the point, as you learn to build a modern websites with HTML5 and CSS3. Learn to add audio and video to pages, learn to buy domains, get a site live. You can learn a lot in just 224 pages of easy code, diagrams and great images.

PS: I just walked into a local bookstore today and I must admit, it was fun seeing my book!

Stefan Mischook