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What exactly is a Computer Programming Language?

January 23, 2014

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Many new to web design and code, have a hard time understanding what a programming language really is? So, I’ve dug out my classic definition for this blog post … enjoy!

Computer Programming in a Nutshell

A computer programming language is a written language used to send instructions to computers. Like with spoken languages (English, French etc …) computer languages have their own set of rules and words that have special meaning. 

There are many programming languages (JavaScript, PHP, Ruby, Java and many more!) because each language has it’s own specialty and sometimes because new languages come out to compete with older languages.

The languages I concentrate on teaching (PHP and JavaScript) are the most popular languages used today in the creation of web apps. There are other competing languages out there but the great thing about learning to program, is that once you learn one language, the rest will be much easier to learn.

Where can I learn computer programming?

There are many places out there, but since I am a bit of a shameless self promoter, I will mention my stuff!


Here are the options:

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I hope that helps!

Stefan Mischook