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Why 10,000 Video Tutorials Suck!

January 25, 2015



I’ve been teaching web design and development since 2003, and I’ve seen all the trends over the years. The current trend in online education, is to flood people with thousands of videos, and claim that’s a great thing!

Thousands of videos on Netflix makes sense, but when it comes to learning web design and development, that sucks!

Why 10,000 video tutorials suck?

Let’s put in a nutshell:

The teacher, really has two jobs:

  1. Filter for the good stuff.
  2. To simplify.

So my job as web design and development teacher, is to concentrate on the important technologies (and to teach you WHY it’s important,) and to make things that are complex, simple.

… If I say that I have ‘thousands of videos to choose from’, I am basically saying that I am not doing 1/2 my job!

With that in mind, I’ve been culling/removing courses for years. I’ve retired countless videos that covered topics that were either no longer important because of the changes in the market (ex: Flash) or because new updated courses took their place.

Less is More when Learning to Code

If you want to slog through piles of video tutorials, created by (who knows how many?) different authors who (typically) have little teaching skill and often, not much experience, then forget about paying for a subscription … you might as well just go to Youtube.

On the other hand, if you think that consistent quality is important, and you don’t want to waste time searching for good training, then check out Yes, I am shamelessly self promoting … but what do you expect? This is my site afterall!


All joking aside, represents what I am preaching: a refined collection of highly selected courses in an easy to use website.

I’ve selected only the best courses from the Killersites collection, remastered them to HD quality and now I’m authoring new courses with the help of my buddy Prof. Santo Romano, who is literally an award winning teacher.

Here’s a quote from one of his students:

Hands down, the absolute best teacher I’ve ever had at Concordia. I only wish I was able to have had him earlier in my studies and not simply in my final year. I would take any class taught by Santo.

And here is another:

Amazing. The only guy to teach me more than all my other courses put together, while singing james bond theme songs and explaining the works of pink floyd. Never a dull moment.

… I could give you more, but it’s pretty much all the same!

Check out our latest course on HTML5 and CSS3 special effects.

Much more to come!

Stefan Mischook