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The Secret to Learning Web Design

January 6, 2015


I’ve been building websites since 1994 and teaching web design and development since 2002 … give or take 6 months. In that time, I’ve been able to figure out the best way to both learn and teach web design:

The key is to NOT get distracted with the unimportant techniques and technology. That means being able to figure out what you really need to learn, and to cut out what isn’t so important.

… That’s where an experienced teacher and actual web developer can guide you.

Web Design is a big subject that is always evolving!

Over the years, web design has evolved considerably. The process of building websites in 2015 is very different from how we did it in the early 2000’s, let alone the 1990’s! Despite these big changes, there is a consistency in web design that has carried through to today; being able to identify these patterns (and techniques) will help you keep your skills future-proof to a large extent.

… Yes, you should always count on having to learn new techniques and technology, but you can make the process much, much easier when you have a great foundation.

My Top 3 Web Design and Development Principles

There is just too much to cover in a blog post, but let me quickly list 3 important principles of web design:

  1. Keep your code (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) simple.
  2. Keep your code modular.
  3. Above all, be sure that your sites are easy to use. This actually the hardest part of the job!

If you don’t understand these, don’t worry, I will be covering these topics and many others on this blog and on my subscription service


Stefan Mischook