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The Secret of an Amazing Web Design Course?

February 16, 2017

My father was a teacher for most of his career, and he taught me that courses had to be first and foremost, fun and engaging. He taught several trades, and so used a lot of physical demonstrations to keep students interested.

In his welding class, he would have students create a weld, and then have the other students try to break the weld with a hammer. All the students would lineup, and take a crack at breaking the weld with a big swing of the hammer.

… He turned the lesson into a game.

StudioWeb’s HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript courses are Gamified

With that in mind, when I first designed the StudioWeb app, I decided to make the entire learning process a game. Using ideas from modern videogames, as students learn to code with HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript, they score points, build a profile, unlock levels and achievements. This is just one way that students are engaged with StudioWeb lessons.

Good old fashioned teaching

Being from a family of teachers (father, uncles, cousins) I’ve been exposed to teaching practically my whole life. Though we are teaching a relatively new subject in web design and programming, good old fashioned teaching still is important!

What you will see in the hundreds of video lessons and quizzing that make up the core of StudioWeb’s curriculum, is a teaching technique that is effective. I’ll save the details for another blog post, but one thing that I found particularly effective in teaching code, is the spiral teaching method.


Besides HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript, StudioWeb teaches PHP7, SQL, databases and for 2017, Python. If you would to try StudioWeb, please feel free to contact me! We can set you up a demo.


Stefan Mischook