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Text based coding courses are more effective.

February 17, 2017

I’ve been developing websites and apps since the 1990’s, and been teaching code and producing code courses since 2003. One very important element of an effective code training curriculum, is having the students write actual code.

When it comes to understanding the concepts of code, it cannot be overstated how important writing actual code is.

Visual Block Based ‘Coding’ is not Coding

Though tools like Scratch and other visual simulators have their place, they cannot replace text based coding courses.

Any developer can tell you, the act of writing actual code has a tremendous impact on the person’s speed of comprehension … basic coding concepts and techniques just sink in more easily.

With a properly structured text base coding course, students will learn the concepts and techniques of coding at an accelerated pace. If you want students to learn to code quickly and easily, I strongly suggest you leverage a text based code curriculum.

Full disclosure:

I created StudioWeb, which is a comprehensive text based code curriculum that teaches HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Python, SQL and PHP. We always get amazing outcomes and have a 100% renewal rate with schools. Teachers and students love StudioWeb.


Stefan Mischook