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Teaching students code with HTML5

August 14, 2016


I was recently emailed from a dad wanting to get his 10 and 13 year old kids interested in coding. There are so many choices out there in terms of languages and for a non-nerd, it is hard to choose.

Having been teaching code since 2003, I suggest strongly that the languages of web design are the best choices. Here is my response to the father:

I am a big advocate of HTML5 since it is visual, easy to learn and is the basis of all websites, web apps and is a popular choice for creating mobile apps for iOS and Android. Students get excited when they see they are building actual websites.

I think if your kids have done Scratch, then I would suggest you move them into real coding beginning with HTML5, followed by CSS3 and then add the code that allows for decision making capability with JavaScript.

At the risk of being a shameless self promoter, StudioWeb provides that pathway with fun interactive training. We have family licenses that gives you the full classroom experience, where you have your own classroom, complete with teacher’s monitoring, auto grading and projects that you can assign your kids. Very easy to use but a powerful training environment that will teach your kids real-world coding skills that they can use to express any ideas they may have.

If you are interested in learning or teaching code, check out


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StudioWeb Makes Teaching Code without Knowing Code Easy!

June 28, 2016

Hi! One of the main goals with StudioWeb, was to create a platform that allowed teachers who don’t know how to code, to easily be able to teach code without much prep, and without much (if any) PD. … We succeeded! Read more: Teaching Code Easily

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When Teaching App Development, HTML5 and JavaScript is Best

June 9, 2016

Hi, First, let’s start with two bullet points: JavaScript is the most popular programming language in the world. And its’ use is just expanding. Mobile apps created with HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript, are often simply called HTML5 apps. Today, mobile app development with HTML5 is becoming the most popular way to create apps. Why? Because …

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Motivating Students to Learn Code

May 18, 2016

Fun, entertaining courses go a long way to motivating students. But when they actually see their first web page come to life, you see engagement go off to charts!  That’s why we teach web development from start to finish with Studioweb, because nothing motivates a student like being able to create real projects with their …

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Top 3 Code Teaching and Learning Tips

April 14, 2016

SQL code training badge

To get the best outcomes with students (and yourself!), here are my top 3 code teaching tips:

1- Write real code, not ‘lego’ code.
2- Use real coding tools, not code simulators.
3- Build real projects from start to finish.

1. Write real code, not ‘lego’ code

A funny thing happens when students write real code: they start to learn not only how to code, but they learn the concepts behind the code. What I’ve seen over the years is that trying to hide the code from students with block based code teaching tools slows the learning process.

You have to write code to learn to code.

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Studioweb Walkthrough Video for 2016

February 27, 2016


Studioweb has been in development for 4yrs, and there is no easier way to teach and learn code!

My new Studioweb walkthrough video:

Whether you are a student, or a teacher new to code, you will be amazed at how easy learning to code can be.

Learn more about StudioWeb.

Thanks for watching!

Stefan Mischook

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Why ELL Students Should Learn Code.

February 20, 2016

English-language learners (and disadvantaged students) stand to benefit the most from learning to code. Here are just a few reasons: There is a huge demand in tech related vocational jobs that are high paying ($70k/year,) that don’t require a university degree. All coding languages (ex: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Python, PHP) are based in English – …

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How to Teach Code with Chromebooks

February 15, 2016

The best way to teach code, is to have students write code with real code editors. … You’re not going to teach people how to play guitar, without the main tool of the trade – a guitar. Same goes for coding, students should be using the tools that coders use – a code editor. How …

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Teach Code without Knowing how to Code.

February 11, 2016


It’s really hard to teach web design if you don’t know how to code … until now!

Studioweb allows teachers to take on the role of a classroom facilitator, as students learn to code with the tools that coders use, while building real websites and web apps that work on both smartphones and traditional computers.

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