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Web Design Curriculum for 2018

February 26, 2018

Schools around the world are now teaching code in the classroom. But for many years before, web design was taught in forward thinking schools, using web design software like Dreamweaver and Frontpage.

Now, schools are discovering that web design is also the best way to teach code!

Web languages: Visual code that is used in the real word

In the last few years, some schools have adopted courses that are based on the block-based code language tkinter. They are discovering though, that students actually don’t learn much about actual coding with block-based code courses.

… To learn to code, you have to write code! Writing real code in fact, helps with comprehension and retention, in a way that block-based languages cannot.

Web design courses are naturally visual and practical

A web design based curriculum is a code curriculum, that is both visual and practical. Students write actual code that is used in industry, to build visual web pages and even web apps. This is the best of both worlds.

Web coding is cross platform

Another great advantage of web design based code courses, is that they are cross platform. In fact, you already have all you need to teach a class … no need to install special software. In short, you can teach web design easily on:

  • Windows
  • Chromebooks
  • Mac
  • Linux

We designed our StudioWeb software and curriculum around the very popular web design languages:

As your students learn to code with real-world languages, building real websites, the StudioWeb software guides and encourages students, as teachers are presented with real-time reports and even detailed auto generated grades.