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Web Design Course for Kids!

December 5, 2016



Web design is a great way to introduce coding to kids! But you need a web design course that is designed for kids:

  • It has to be fun!
  • It has to be broken down into small chunks.
  • Teacher/parents need support so that they can guide kids as they learn.

StudioWeb has been designed (in 2011) by a highly experience teacher and web designer to be fantastic for kids. StudioWeb has been used by many tens of thousands of students of all ages – it is time tested and proven! Kids, parents and teachers love StudioWeb.

The courses were designed with the Harry Potter books in mind: easy and fun for kids, but fun for adults too. Our curriculum teaches modern web design techniques, using the latest languages:

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • JavaScript

Together, these three coding languages make every website and web app in the world today.

StudioWeb is both a powerful app, and set of courses that will keep your students engaged. If you are a teacher who knows nothing about web design and coding, StudioWeb’s super cool classroom automation features (auto grading, tracking, hinting) will make facilitating your classrooms a breeze.

… Thousands of teachers and tens of thousands of students have used StudioWeb – they all love it! We have a 100% renewal rate with schools.

Fee free to contact me if you would like to setup a class.

Stefan Mischook