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Snooze and you will lose! Why you need a website

September 26, 2016


This is a sponsored post from a turn-key website builder. Stefan

Snooze and you will lose! Why you need a website

There are many things to think about every day. You get caught between solving issues, taking things to places, delegating tasks, planning ahead, dealing with family, friends, coworkers… Sometimes it seems just too much to handle. Yet, when you think it can’t get worse, the digital world comes creeping in with its own demands: emails, websites, social media, marketing…

In a hurry to make things more comfortable and to clear your head, your brain goes on survival mode and takes care of the most important tasks. When that seems to have taken most of your time, you are still left with other demands banging in our head. Among them, there is a special thought that has probably been with you for a while now and you know that sooner or later you will have to surrender to it. That’s right: a website.

“Why do I really need a website?” – you may be thinking. The answer is quite simple. You need to exist on the internet. As elementary as it may sound, you won’t really look good or even appear on Google and other search engines if you don’t have a website. In a world where everyone says “Google this” or “Google that”, I am sure you don’t want to be out when it comes to your business.

Needless to say, appearing on search engines such as Google is very important. But there are many other reasons why you need a website. Let’s go through a few of them.


Brand identity – your business needs stronger identity. You need to have a concept behind your logo and play with your colors to present your brand in the best way possible. Think about the Coca­Colas of the world. They just have an unforgettable identity. You should try to do the same. Maybe it’s time for rebranding, maybe not. But now think about Coca­Cola without a website. That is at least… weird. A website is indispensable if you take your business seriously. You need to have a website to improve your brand awareness. Having and your written on your business card makes it look a lot more professional and reliable.

Product Exhibition – 81% of shoppers search online before buying (1). If your product is not there when people search for it, you will be less likely to sell. Having your product online is essential to show to people what you do and how they can get it. In fact, by having a website and a store, you can convert visitors into customers right on the spot. They visit your website, browse through, see your products and purchase something. Sounds good, doesn’t it? All you have to do is put together a nice website based on your brand identity and promote your products there. A nice looking design combined with a well­organized store will place you one step ahead when it comes to conversions.

Digital Presence – Online, you can present your business and differentiate it from others instantly. This gives your business a whole new awareness. By having strong digital presence the average person will be able to find and understand what your business is, what you do and how you can make his life better. What you present on your website will establish your brand online. More than having good products, you must make sure everything presented in a very clear way. You can also support your brand by using social media pages to captivate a follower base. You can use these alternative pages to

talk about your website, post news related to your context, engage people with fun posts and so on. There is an infinity of ways through which you can grow both your website and social media presence.

Marketing – in addition to having a website with your products and developing a strong digital presence, having a website will give you an extra push in marketing. Your business can take advantage of a variety of tools available online. All you need is to plan through. You want to see results from your marketing efforts and be able to have good return on investment. That will come from clever marketing strategies. You need to know who your average customer is. Create a persona and elaborate on it. Your persona is the characterization of what your perfect customer is ­ his habits, way of living, thinking, etc. When you have that crystal clear you will take huge leaps using certain tools like social media, google, blogs, etc.

International visibility – a website will surely give you international visibility. By establishing an online presence and developing your market, it won’t take long until your business reaches the far sides of the globe. That will be great if you have products or services that you can export or offer globally. You can track where your visitors are from with Google Analytics. Simply register and follow the installing instructions to start seeing statistics from your web visitors.

Improve customer service – customers love the possibility of searching the business on Google, clicking on the contact page and then sending a message or making a call to the business. Here is an astounding fact: 94% of smartphone users look for local information on their phone and 90% take action, such as making a purchase or contacting a business (2). With a website, you can take huge advantage of that. Information like your phone number and email address have never been so valuable.



All you need to do is sign up on and click on “START HERE”. Then just follow the instructions. It is very straightforward and the site guides you through the process.



Next, select the category of your business. Choose the category that suits you best. This step is key to getting a good pre built website for your business. And will save you quite some time in editing.



Then it asks for some information. These will be used on your website. If you don’t understand something or have any questions about building your website, the support team is always live and ready to answer your questions!



After choosing a category and inserting your information, the system takes you to the website builder . It is very user friendly. All the functionalities are easy to use and it is very easy to find your way around. Now you know how to take advantage of this amazing website building tool so start developing your online presence today!



(1) And (2) ­­ux­statistics­you­should­not­ignore­i nfographic