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My new Web Design Book!

April 15, 2015



I just wanted to announce that my new web design book is now on Amazon for preorder.

“Build Your Website: Start Here” is loosely based on the tutorial on how-to-build-websites, but greatly expanded and updated for 2015.

To give you an idea,’s tutorial is about 100 pages of material, whereas my new book is 224 pages.


I’ve also put a lot of effort in the new book to simplify some of the more complex concepts found in CSS and JavaScript programming. In a nutshell, if you like the how-to-build-websites’ tutorial, you will love my book!

Here’s a summary of the topics I cover in the book:

Getting Started in Web Design
Builing Your First Website
CSS and CSS Layouts
Building & Styling

Forms & Images
Introduction to Javascript
Introduction to jQuery & Bootstrap


Stefan Mischook