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Feel Confident Teaching a Web Design Class in 2018

November 29, 2017


When it comes to teaching code, web design is a very popular choice for schools. This makes sense because:

  1. Web design is based on the most popular coding languages in the world: HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
  2. Web design is visual, and so very engaging.
  3. Web design can easily be taught on any type of computer using free software.

… Whether your school uses Windows PCs, Chromebooks, Macs, and even Linux machines, you can easily have students building real websites with code, without having to install expensive software or make any special configurations.

Do teachers need to web design experts to teach web design?

Under normal situations, a teacher would require some knowledge about web design. Fortunately, with the StudioWeb software and curriculum, teachers can simply take on the role of a classroom facilitator, as students work through the fun and engaging lessons.

Here are some fun facts about StudioWeb:

  • Students learn at their own pace.
  • Students can never get stuck because of our helpful hinting system.
  • StudioWeb does the grading for you! Grades by course, chapter and lesson.
  • Lessons are video based with supporting code challenges and quizzing … with instant student feedback.

We’ve been working with schools for over 6 yrs now, to provide a set of courses and software specifically for teachers who don’t know web design.

Our experience with over 250,000 students has allowed to refine StudioWeb to make using it a fun process for both teachers and students.


Stefan Mischook