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A book that makes learning web design easy!

June 28, 2015


I figure since my new book is coming out very soon, that I should start the shameless self promotion!


Why buy a web design book?

So why should you get the book, when you have this great website (and others,) that you can learn from? Comes down to a few things:

  1. The book is up-to-date, covering all the key web design subjects for 2015.
  2. The book has had¬†a lot of work¬†put into it (me with two editors and a designer!) – and so, it’s an easy read.
  3. Personally, I prefer reading a book!

I teach the HOW and WHY … when it comes to web design:

I find it’s easier to understand something when you know the WHY behind whatever¬†you are learning. So with Web Design Start Here, I’ve put a lot of work into not only explaining what to do, but why we are doing it.

Many parts of the book read like a story, as we learn both to code (HTML and CSS) and the techniques. This is all happening, as we build real websites.


Stefan Mischook