Welcome to the web site: this is a heading inside of the heading tags.

This is a paragraph of text inside the paragraph HTML tags. We can just keep writting ...

Now we have an image:

Graphic of a Mousepad

This is another heading inside of another set of headings tags; this time the tag is an 'h3' instead of an 'h2' , that means it is a less important heading.

Yet another heading - right after this we have an HTML list:

  1. First item in the list
  2. Second item in the list
  3. Third item in the list

You will notice in the above HTML list, the HTML automatically creates the numbers in the list.

About the list tags

HTML list tags are a little more complex than the other tags we have seen thus far.

HTML list come in two flavors: ordered and unordered. The ordered list tag (<ol>) automatically inserts the right numbers for each of the list items (<li>), whereas the unordered list tag (<ul>) inserts bullets.

Now the most important HTML tag there is: the link tag!

This another web site worth visiting: www.killersites.com: Web design tutorials and forums